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Candidate for the position of VP Education

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Robert Nutkins

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Hello all!

I’m Robert, I study Sustainable Environmental Management MSc, following on from the Environmental Management and Sustainability undergrad.
I’ve had the honour of being UPSU Council Chair for the past two years, a member of the Student Life Committee and the University Senate for one, and I’m now hoping to be your VP of Education.

I am well versed in the procedures and bye-laws that govern our Union, and have built relationships with the people who carry out these services. As Union Council Chair, I ensured student-led democracy prevails, and oversaw policies of accountability and transparency within our SU.

I already represent the students among the academics of the University; attending the Senate and Vice Chancellor alongside our current VPE has given me invaluable experience of the VPE role.

As VPE my priorities are:

  • Oversee a move towards a research led teaching initiative; students will contribute to academic projects, performances, experiments and publications through their faculty staff and partner institutions. Instead of regurgitating material from lectures, a symptom of over-teaching and over-assessing, students will be taking part in real world ventures, making tangible contributions to arts and sciences before even graduating.
  • Overhaul how work placements are allocated; students are often assigned placements far away or conflicting with part time jobs, caring needs, or other obligations. I would communicate and negotiate with schools, theatres, scientists, legal institutions and other placement providers within the Plymouth Unitary Authority to increase local placements, and always allow students to nominate places they have previously worked in or have relations with.
  • Introduce bursaries for those whose allocated placements require excessive travel beyond their means, or extra accommodation.

Questions and queries are welcome, I’m available to reach by email or most social media platforms,

Thank you for your consideration,