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Candidate for the position of VP Activities

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Lisa Streltsova

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Hello everyone! My name is Lisa Streltsova and I hope to be your Vice-President of Activities 2022/2023.

As an international student, coming from Eastern Europe, I found my second home at the University of Plymouth. Thanks to the people I met here and those I connected with through volunteering for the Buddy Scheme, I am able to enjoy my university life and I wish the same for all of my fellow students.

In my experience as a President of the Photography Society, I have gained the necessary skills and understanding of the system which I will use to influence positive change. Your voices matter: your opinion shapes experience and life at the University and it would be my honour if you were to choose me as your representative.

University life can be challenging with all the deadlines, assignments, and work. However, it can also be exciting and fun and that is what I hope for everyone. While our Student Union provides wonderful opportunities to socialise, I believe there is always areas for improvement. If you choose me as your VP of Activities, I promise to

  • Support all clubs and societies, especially new and struggling ones, through collaborative events.
  • Promote inclusivity and diversity within all student groups, with the aim of breaking down barriers for students to engage.
  • Help by providing the necessary knowledge on the available facilities, equipment, and opportunities available to each society and club.

I hope to help the UPSU come together as a society that is diverse and inclusive: where people from all the various backgrounds are able to join societies and clubs, finding their passion and learning new hobbies with other amazing people.

I plan for this to be our future, and I would be pleased to have your support in order to realise this vision