Candidate for the position of VP Activities

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Owain Gullam

Hi, I’m Owain Gullam and I’m running to be your VP Activities.

I’ve worked on the Union Council, multiple society committees and volunteering groups, giving me the experience and understanding necessary for this role.

When elected, I endeavour to:

#TeamPlymouth & UPSU Communications

  • Find a way to ensure that the Team Plymouth media works for all groups.
  • ....make the forums productive. They should be shorter, not be a place for announcements. Instead, they should be for productive campaigns and collaboration.
  • ...create an efficient newsletter system for committees, to reduce the number of emails clogging our inboxes and ensure committees don’t miss announcements.
  • accessible to all student groups. I intend to reach out to you to arrange catch ups, not make you reach out to me.


  • ....implement new Green ICONs to work alongside the Bronze-Gold ranks, focused on reducing carbon footprints and sustainable practices.
  • access to university community places and gardens. Better use of them and potentially a volunteering scheme to maintain them would mean a more sustainable campus.

Women’s Empowerment in Sport

  • access to safe spaces for women to exercise, looking into the potential for female only hours in Plymouth gyms.
  • on a campaign to break stereotypes in sport.


  • ....explain how money is allocated to student groups & ensure the system is fair for everyone.


  • the way ICONs works and how it is simply a recognition system, not a rewarding one.
  • ....ensure clubs, societies and volunteering groups have relevant ICONs to their group, not a one size fits all system.

I am, at heart, a representative. I have worked with many clubs and societies to write these policies. If you would like to find out more about my additional policies, please email