Candidate for the position of President

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William Styles

Welcome to the Manifesto of the Best Man for the Job! 

This passionate guy you’ve fondly come to know as Will has answered the call and thrown his name into the hat; I’m running for UPSU President! 

I did so after hearing of many students wanting me to run and so I’ve listened to you, the students, and my policies have come directly from you. I am confident that with my experience on 9 Society Committees and as a multi-award-winning School Rep I can achieve all the changes you want to see

Fixing the Forums 

There are many voices that remain unheard as well as inefficiencies that waste students time. I will give my all to delivering monthly Student Forums for LGBT+ students; Transgender and Non-binary; Women and BAME to ensure everyone has a chance to make a change! 

Additionally, Sports and Society Committees continue to feel their time is wasted at their Forums. Having heard this, I promise to work to reduce the length and frequency of these meetings so you can spend more time doing what you love!  

Empower Talented Students 

We have students who could run and design the SU Website, write press releases, organise events and I say we should do it! We also have students skilled in Debate, Politics, International Relations, Diplomacy and I say we should embrace this as part of Union Policy-Making. Therefore, I will also work to incorporate everyday Student and Societies into the Democratic Process?and lobby the University to involve Skilled Students into the workflow!! 

Men’s Wellbeing 

Male Students are famously struggling with Mental Ill Health, Depression and Suicide. Following a student survey, I have campaigned tirelessly to improve this over the past 5 years and will work to create a Men’s Officer to support this vital compassionate work!