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Candidate for the position of VP Activities

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Ethan Anning

My name is Ethan, I am running for the position of VP Activities. I have been at the University for the last five years and have participated in multiple clubs and volunteering trips and have seen their importance to students. I have chosen to run in this campaign to ensure the survival of these opportunities and the chance to push the SU into a greener future and to grant more students the opportunity to get the most out of their student experience.  

Manifesto Aims 

1) Greater chances of student involvement, I will attempt to make more opportunities for student volunteering by campaigning timetabling to allow a similar opportunity as ‘sport Wednesdays’ for all students including post-grad, medical and education students.  

2) A Greener SU, I will endeavor to work alongside the staff within the SU to find ways that sports clubs and societies can become ‘greener and sustainable’ and how all students who reduce their environmental impact can be recognised.  

3) Streamline and Policy, I will examine the bylaws and paperwork faced by students by clubs and societies and endeavor to find ways of streamlining the process, making them easier to run. I will also change the formate of the forums to allow for greater student participation.  

Why I would be suited to the role  

Over the five years I have been at university I have completed a degree in conservation biology, a PGCE, and currently studying a masters in zoo conservation biology. I have held multiple committee roles both with university clubs and as a chairman on a charity for disabled children, these skills will see me adapt to this role and engage with students.  

If you have any questions about my manifesto or other questions about the impact of VP activities, you can reach me at