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Jannike Smye

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My name is Jannike and I am a final year Marine Biology and Oceanography student. I am running for President to improve student representation and sustainability. As Part-Time Officer Environment and Sustainability, I have become very passionate about student voice and have been working on communication channels with the SU and University and lobbying both to improve their practices based on student feedback. I believe I am suited to the role as I have experience in leadership - as chair of Judo and from URNU, representation and been part of many SU activities. If elected I will use my experience to:


  • Continue my current work and drive the SU to follow through on its climate emergency plan by campaigning for environmental representation and recognition in meetings at all levels, forums and activities and in the strategic operations of the Union.

REPRESENTATION MATTERS: You need to know who represents you.

  • Aim to create regular representation events throughout the year to improve visibility and engagement of your officers and lobby the university for more student representation in high-level and decision-making meetings so your voice is heard.

UNION FIRST: Put students back at the heart of the SU!

  • Advocate to empower student-led campaigns for positive change through increased exposure, education and training on what campaigning is and how to drive change and push for the chance for you to inform SU strategy to make it student-focussed.

These aims will empower students to bring positive change within the Union and the University and create a fully student-led democracy with student-focussed policies and strategies. It will also positively impact the SU aim to become a leader in sustainability.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and please contact me with any questions at