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Candidate for the position of VP Education

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Jack Sears-Stewart

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Reasons for campaigning:

For the past 7½ years I have been a student at this university, occasionally interrupting my studies due to illness. In this time, I have seen the university undergo many changes regarding how courses are administered, lectures are given, and in the opportunities available to students.

I want to take my knowledge of academic systems, university support, experiences, and passion for education, and use them for the betterment of all students’ educational experiences during their time here at Plymouth University.

My goals:

When multiple pieces of coursework are due on the same day, many students find that they tend to become highly stressed and subsequently submit poorer quality work overall. I will lobby the university to ensure that there is a minimum of 48 hours between coursework deadlines, alongside allowing the submission of coursework online on Fridays.

Knowledge and skills other than those attained from degrees would improve students’ future prospects. I will advocate for the implementation of several optional training courses with accompanying certification. Examples of potential training course topics include sustainability and basic first aid, thereby giving participants invaluable knowledge and life skills.

No matter their circumstances, no student should ever feel they need to give up on their education. I will collaborate with the VP for wellbeing & Diversity, SU, lecturers and the university to simplify access to mental, financial and physical support systems for all students.

I will also continue to advocate for the increased adoption, investment and implementation of sustainable and green practices by both the SU and university, focusing heavily on the use of plastic alternatives, and reducing waste.

Finally, I am here to represent all students, from all courses to improve your academic experiences. Tell me what change you want to see.