Candidate for the position of VP Education

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Philip Anazia

My name is Philip Anazia. I am a third-year student studying Business Management. I am running for the position of VP Education hoping to make changes that matter. I feel that growing up through the education system, there’s always been someone for us to look up to – I want to become that person for you. I will not only make a promise that certain students voice will be heard – regardless of how small or big a matter may be, but I will make sure those unable or brave enough to voice their issues will not be left out.


Student Support: If elected I will launch the largest series of engagement and consultation events focused on student support. This will consider the needs of most students on our campus. Through this we can campaign to ensure that this university`s structures supports students to be all that they truly can be.

Feedback - A theme year after year is that students are not getting feedback for their assignments or assessments in a timely and fair manner. This includes written exams, as well as coursework and essays. I will work with the schools to ensure more is being done to tackle this problem which has gone on for far too long. 

Openness - Lots of decisions are made by the university that have a direct effect on students. I want to open dialogue between the departments and student groups to ensure your opinions and comments are voiced.