Candidate for the position of VP Wellbeing & Diversity

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Bran Malloch

Hi, I’m Bran, and I am running to be your VP well-being and diversity. 

In my time at the university I have represented LGBT+ students as their Part-Time Officer, and attended 2 conferences at a national level.

This year I have enjoyed being Union Council chair, and facilitating some really exciting debates  

My manifesto points are:


Because we live in the city, so let’s love it! 
I want to get involved with the wellbeing and diversity of the city. Students often get bad press in Plymouth, and I want to prove people wrong! 
I will do this by working with other SU's and organisations in the city. The main things I want to do with this are:

  • Come up with a collective strategy to tackle homelessness
  • Expand our reporting tools and policies established here at UPSU which combat hate crime and sexual violence in Plymouth. 


In my first weeks, I will hold discussions with working students to find out what the union can do to support them at university. 

A lot of students rely on unsociable hours and rubbish wages to get by.  
I propose that the union should adopt a REAL living wage for all its staff, and I will lobby for student employers in the city to follow suit!


Celebrate good landlords and housing companies - because we pay the rent so we deserve to live comfortably!


  • By the end of the year, I will create a charter which will identify top notch landlords, and gather student opinion to influence a recognition scheme for these landlords. 
  • I will Create a UPSU housing reporting tool to report and measure students housing issues.  

UPSU is #MoreThanJustANightclub; It looks after you. Stand with Bran and let’s prove it!