Candidate for the position of VP Wellbeing & Diversity

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Bitty Walter Inyang

With a diverse community like ours, we have the power to be that change we want within our university; what joins us together exceeds what separates us and a good example is the wellbeing of students. I am Bitty Walter Inyang, an International Business graduate and your current VP Communities and I would like to be your next VP Wellbeing and Diversity. As a current Sabbatical Officer, I have gained relevant experience, knowledge and valuable skills which provide me with the qualities and the right attitude to represent YOU for one more time.

I intend to:

* Mental Health: Ensure that Personal Tutors and other Academics are offered training sessions on how best to support and encourage students within and outside the lecture room – this will help alleviate issues surrounding exam pressure, stress and mental health.

* Facilities: I will work towards the availability of additional safe spaces, study spaces when the library is full and improve the Wellbeing cafe by introducing what other universities use, e.g. sensory rooms.

* To Promote Diversity: Ensure all religious and cultural festivals (Chinese New Year, Hanukkah, Holi festival and many more) get the recognition they deserve on campus through proper advertising.


We have a real chance to make a change and what matters is your VOICE.

VOTE Bitty Walter Inyang for VP Wellbeing and Diversity YOUR NO. 1 choice.




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