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April, May & June deals at the SU Shop

Written by: SU Shop


Stretch your budget further with everyday deals brought to you by NUS in your SU Shop.

Every penny you spend in your handy little campus shop is reinvested into improving your student experience.

All the offers below are available while stocks last from 4th April - 26th June 2024.



Brecon Carreg

Mineral Water 500ml, Still Mineral Water 500ml, Sportscap Mineral Water 500ml Sparkling

3 for £1.60


Vita Coco

Vita Coco 330ml Pure, Vita Coco 330ml Pressed

Only £1.20


Walkers Doritos or Dips

Chilli Heatwave 140g, Cool Original 140g, Tangy Cheese 140g, Guacamole Dip 270g, Hot Salsa Dip 300g, Mild Salsa Dip 300g, Sour Cream & Chive Dip 300g, Nacho Cheese Dip 300g

Only £1.75


Walkers Flamin Hot

Doritos Flamin Hot 70g, Walkers Max Flamin Hot, 70g Wotsits Crunchy Flamin Hot 60g

2 for £2


Walkers Doritos

Doritos Chilli Heatwave 70g, Doritos Cool Original 70g, Doritos Tangy Cheese 70g

2 for £2


Galaxy and Maltesers

Galaxy Smooth Milk 100g, Galaxy Salted Caramel 135g, Galaxy Cookie Crumble 114g, Galaxy Smooth Caramel 135g, Maltesers Teasers 100g, Galaxy Mint 110g

Only £1.25


McCoy’s and Wheat Crunchies

Flame Grilled Steak 65g, Cheddar & Onion 65g, Salt & Malt Vinegar 65g, Thai Sweet Chicken 65g, Sizzling King Prawn 65g, Wheat Crunchies Bacon 70g

Only £1.15


Rubicon RAW

Rubicon RAW Pineapple & Passion 500ml, Rubicon RAW Apple & Guava 500ml, Rubicon RAW Orange & Mango 500ml, Rubicon RAW Raspberry & Blueberry 500ml

Only £1



Costa Frappe Caramel Swirl 250ml, Costa Frappe Fudge Brownie 250ml, Costa Latte 250ml, Costa Latte Caramel 250ml

2 for £2.50



Energy Zero 500ml, Ultra Fiesta 500ml, Juiced Bad Apple 500ml, Ultra White 500ml, Energy 500ml, Juiced Mango Loco 500ml

2 for £2.50



Orange 500ml, Orange Zero 500ml, Fruit Twist 500ml, Lemon 500ml, Pineapple and Grapefruit 500ml

2 for £2.50



Coca Cola Zero 500ml, Coca Cola Zero Cherry 500ml, Coca Cola Zero Vanilla 500ml, Coca Cola Lemon 500ml, Coca Cola Zero Lemon 500ml

2 for £2.50


Aqua Libra

Aqua Libra Still 330ml, Aqua Libra Sparkling 330ml, Aqua Libra Raspberry & Blackcurrant 330ml, Aqua Libra Blood Orange & Mango 330ml

2 for £1.50