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Students' Union Awards

These are the shortlisted students and groups that will be up for a Students' Union Award, the winners will be revealed at the awards night on  Monday 16th May.
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If your student group has been shortlisted your chair will receive an invitation to represent you at the awards but it'd be great to see as many of you there as possible to support as the results are announced. To attend, purchase your tickets via the link above.

Activity Group of the Year

This award will go to a group who has demonstrated professionalism, outstanding achievements and team working across the academic year.

  • University of Plymouth Big Band  

  • Student Choir University of Plymouth  

  • Plymouth Night Patrol 

  • Tropical Island Society 

Outstanding contribution to UPSU

Awarded to a group or individual who has demonstrated success or made a huge impact to UPSU throughout the year.

  • Richard Molyneux – University of Plymouth Big Band  

  • David Martin – Plymouth Night Patrol  

  • George Kennedy – Plymouth University Sailing Club 

  • Jodie Howell – Plymouth University Netball 

  • Chloe Trout – University of Plymouth Lacrosse 

  • Harry Sims – Plymouth University Ultimate Frisbee

Sports Club of the Year

This award goes to an outstanding sports club who have excelled this year and made a positive difference to the lives of their members.  

  • University of Plymouth Archery Club  

  • Plymouth University Netball  

  • Plymouth University Sailing Club 

  • Plymouth University Storm Cheerleading 

  • Plymouth University Ultimate Frisbee 

  • University of Plymouth Yacht Club 

Dedication to Volunteering

This award goes to an individual or group who has demonstrated a positive attitude and stands out from others. This individual or group has also shown a high level of commitment and enthusiasm to Volunteering.

  • Summer Ashbury – University of Plymouth First Aid Society 

Fundraiser of the Year 

This award goes to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to a particular charity or charities over the year.

  • Jodie Howell – Plymouth University Netball  

  • Aneesa Chowdhury – Plymouth university Islamic Society  

Student Led Project / Event / Campaign

This award will go to an individual or group who has shown commitment and enthusiasm for a project or event that has run this academic year.

  • Joshua Akinde – University of Plymouth Big Band  

  • Medsoc  

  • Plymouth Night Patrol  

  • Freya Pretty – Raise and Give 

Sustainability Award

This award will go to an individual or group who made significant contributions to reducing their environmental impact over the year.

  • Sam Harms – University of Plymouth Yacht Club  

  • Environmental Society 

Staff Choice Award

This award award is chosen by the staff at The SU who work closely with students across a variety of activities and they see the effort and passion students put into helping others and making a difference. 

  • Lisa Du Toit – University of Plymouth Swimming and Waterpolo 

  • Amrita Singh – Plymouth University Storm Cheerleading 

  • Heather Donaldson – Give it a go Register Activator 

Student Personality of the Year

This award goes to someone that stands out, they excel in their field, are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do.  They make a difference but do not always get the recognition for it.

  • David Martin – Plymouth Night Patrol  

  • Rachel Horrell – Student Choir University of Plymouth  

  • Harry Sims – Plymouth University Ultimate Frisbee  

  • Camilla Labonte – African Caribbean Society, Tropical Island Society, Marine Biology Society & International Latin Society 

  • Katie Mole – Crimsoc 

  • Bethany Pearce – Plymouth University Netball 

  • Kelsey Parsons – Tropical Island Society & Environmental Society 


Full Colours

Awarded to students who have achieved half colours. They have gone on to show continued outstanding dedication, and have made an exceptional contribution to a student group or activity and commitment to UPSU and the University.

  • Rachel Horrell - Choir 

  • Caitlin McAndry – Choir, Big Band, Concert Band 

  • Summer Ashbury – FA Society 

  • Zoe King – Peninsula Oncology & Haematology Society 

  • Jason Culmer – Sailing 

Half Colours

Awarded to students for their continual dedication and involvement with student led activities.

  • Alex Rowe - Archery 

  • Katrin Higginson Athletics 

  • Richard Molyneux – Big Band 

  • Joshua Akinde – Big Band 

  • Robert Moore – Big Band 

  • Rebecca McNally – Big Band 

  • Joel Hooper - Choir 

  • Benedikt Kaspar - Choir 

  • Connor Wessel - Choir 

  • Seren Dolman - Choir 

  • Tilly Phillips – Concert Band 

  • Eloise Greenwood – Environmental Society 

  • Lilly Winn - Lacrosse 

  • Harriet Dicks - Lacrosse 

  • Isabelle Durrant - Lacrosse 

  • Georgia Howe - Netball 

  • Olivia Snelson-Chiffers – Netball 

  • Isla Symons - Netball 

  • Jodie Howell - Netball 

  • Charles Laverty – Clay Shooting  

  • Julia Newman – Clay Shooting 

  • Alexander Collard - Squash 

  • Kelsey Parsons – Tropical Island Society 

  • Marie  L'Etang – Tropical Island Society 

  • Tsian Deslandes – Tropical Island Society 

  • Harry Sims – Ultimate Frisbee 

  • Rhian Casey - Swimming, Synchro & Waterpolo 

  • Lisa du Toit - Swimming, Synchro & Waterpolo 

  • Lucy Hodson - Swimming, Synchro & Waterpolo 

  • Jenny Chandler – Swimming, Synchro & Waterpolo 

  • Thomas Brock – Swimming, Synchro & Waterpolo 

  • Toby Danielson – Swimming, Synchro & Waterpolo 

  • Dominique Garveigh - Yacht