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University of Plymouth Skate Society (UPSS) is a young club who’s playing with the big boys, with growing number of members and a keen drive to develop a nationwide student skating network.
UPSS welcome people of all experience, from those of you that will can already shred with the best to those who have barely pushed them ‘skateboardy things’.
We have a great split between traditional skateboarding and longboarding.
And with our local links can introduce to world of standing sideways with coaching and the use of safe and high quality gear!

For those of you that just don’t like them ‘wheely boards’ but still love the relaxed and friendly nature of skating don’t worry there’s more than enough room! 

Membership includes a FREE T-SHIRT!


We’ve been renowned for some crazy socials bringing a real party to even the tamest of bars, our wide range of themes and ideas are more than enough to keep you all buzzed and engaged throughout the year!
This is where we’ve become such a great community, those who don’t ride boards with us are still more than welcome to come play in our bi-weekly social shenanigans.
The more the merrier, and it does get merry! 


Whilst running weekly sessions at our local indoor park we also provide a great discount with our huge partners PRIMEDELUX, £5 sessions and 10% off in the shop! We also run excursions to various places and events of interest.
We have several sponsors this year in: PRIME Skate Park, Mango Surfing, SuperSaturated, Vandem Longboard Shop, Gravity House, & Hotbox!
A summer get away is also in the books and will be confirmed nearer the time! 


We aren't given any of your information apart from your name when you sign up so click the links below to stay in the loop!

We have both a page for public events and a members group where you'll find our sessions, socials, and discounts! 

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