Events Society (UPES)

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UPES are welcoming brand-new members into our Events Society, whether you are part of BSc Events Management course or simply love getting involved at events, then this is the perfect society for you! As a committee, we are a group of third-year Event Management students who are looking to organize and deliver a wide range of events within and outside the University.

This year we aim to involve members in the planning process of our monthly socials and end of term charity events.

Our socials:

We are aiming to plan a wide variety of sober and drinking socials to target all audiences such as:

  • Networking socials with other professions in the working sector
  • Adrenalin Quarry/Escape Rooms/Supertramp
  • Themed night outs within Plymouth to our sponsors.  

Last year we held a Blind Date event in the SU for cystic fibrosis and raised over £300, and from this, we are aiming to hold more charity events at Christmas and throughout the year.

Why join our society:

  1. It looks good on your CV.
  2. Learn new event skills.
  3. Make new friends.
  4. Create new experiences and share ideas.
  5. Have fun.



OR VISIT OUR INSTAGRAM PAGE - @upeventssociety

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