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About us


A fun society run by Pokémon lovers for Pokémon lovers. Whether you're a competitive video game player, a casual card game player, or someone who just loves the nostalgia of watching those old TV episodes, everyone in the society shares the same love for the franchise! We meet up on Wednesdays, usually anytime between 18:00- 23:00 for as long as anybody likes.


Apart from the casual bi-weekly meetups at which people are welcome to friendly games on top of regular tournaments, we also host a variety of socials, both Pokémon-themed and not! From Laser Tag to bowling and barbecues down on the hoe we have events that can cater to anyone's taste.


At our tournaments we try to get as many players involved whether that's in video games or trading cards! Our video game tournaments are friendly with a wide variety of skill levels, so everyone is welcome. We incorporate many different kinds of battles to keep things interesting such as monotype teams in VG. Throughout the year, trainers earn points towards their position in the Plymouth League, and at the end of the year players will have the chance to challenge the Elite Four! 

Social Media

Facebook group: facebook.com/groups/plyuni.pts/

Twitter: twitter.com/UoPPTS


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