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A fun society run by Pokémon enthusiasts for Pokémon enthusiasts. Whether you're a competitive video game player, a casual card game player, or someone who just loves the nostalgia of watching those old TV episodes and the world of Pokémon in general, all are welcome to join our family and share in the love of the franchise! This year will be though and we will face many challenges as a result of Covid-19, but as a society, we will work together to continue to create a space for members to relax and have Pokémon-related fun while ensuring health and safety requirements as per the university and the government are met.


Socials Normally we would meet up on Wednesdays, usually anytime between 18:00- 23:00 for as long as anybody likes. However, until further notice, all activities will move to virtual platforms for semester one in order to keep in with social distancing rules and to allow as many members as possible to participate in any given society activity. Our first sessions will consist of "Meet and Greet" Zoom sessions where the committee will introduce themselves to members and answer members' questions about the year ahead, as well as create a space for everyone to get to know each other. We will be running Pokémon quizzes and movie nights, but we are also looking at ways to hold regular tournaments through online platforms. If physical socials become a viable option again then we hope to continue our big Pokémon Go walks / Community Days, along with on-campus movie nights, video game/ trading card game tournaments and casual gaming sessions.


At our tournaments we try to get as many players involved whether that's in video games or trading cards! Our video game tournaments are friendly with a wide variety of skill levels, so everyone is welcome. We incorporate many different kinds of battles to keep things interesting such as monotype teams in VG. Throughout the year, trainers earn points towards their position in the Plymouth League, and at the end of the year players will have the chance to challenge the Elite Four! 

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Svetlana Booth
Safety Officer
Adam North
Lewis East
Jonathon Evans


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