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Hello, University of Plymouth students, and welcome to the Plymouth Gazette!

The role of the Plymouth Gazette is to provide information about all things to do with the University of Plymouth, from news about societies, sports clubs, and achievements of individual students, to analysis of policy and procedures that are changing within the SU and university. Aside from the opinion pieces, the Plymouth Gazette will remain impartial for you, the students, to see the whole picture without prejudice from either side. This we felt was one of the most important elements of operating a student news source.

As well as being completely student led, the Plymouth Gazette will be a unique source of information. In other words, you will not be able to get the news we will be writing anywhere else. Additionally, we believe that student welfare should be a key focus of the paper and as such the Plymouth Gazette will be holding campaigns throughout the year (and years thereafter) that we feel are in your best interests. These campaigns will vary but will focus on improving your university life and advertising events which will be useful for your professional and academic development.

Above all, our primary goal is to hold UPSU, the University of Plymouth and its partners, and other agencies like student housing companies to account and gain transparency within these organisations to better the lives of University of Plymouth students.

If you would like to get involved, please email us at and start writing!



Check back soon for more events!



Joshua Marr
Safety Officer
Debora Gripshi
Lucy Rouget
Megan McQuade


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