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About us


Our society is called Greek and Cypriot Society. The purpose of this society is to help new and old students along their academic journey in Plymouth University.

In the previous years, we had many discussions regarding the creation of this society. This year, we decided to make these plans come true.  The fundamental reasons for the establishment of this society were to give the opportunity to everybody from the University of Plymouth to meet the Greek and Cypriot cultures, to collaborate with other societies from UPSU in order to arrange various activities so the students would be relieved by their stressful university routine. In addition, a chance would be given to the students to travel to Greece, to Cyprus and any other possible destination. Also, our members would enjoy exclusive discounts. For instance, flight tickets, removal companies and more.

Furthermore, the new members would be benefited by the tours around the university campus and the city of Plymouth. To entertain our members, we would organise movie nights using the suitable university premises.

Finally, our society is more than eager to assist students by promoting their online surveys or experiments to our community.

Chair: Christopher Valmas 

Vice Chair: Michail Raftogiannis 

Treasurer: Georgios Thedosiou

Secretary: Georgios Mytitanidis

Health and safety: Athanasios Anagnostopoulos  






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