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Terms and conditions of use:

  • Submissions will adhere to UPSU policies
  • Submissions will be honest and not misleading
  • It is the submitters responsibility to manage communication with the participants, this is purely an exposure platform
  • The submitter is responsible for the management of the participants data, UPSU takes no responsibilty for the management of participants data.
  • The submitter is responsible for the management of any incentives they may be offering.
  • The submitter is happy to have their email address / contact details publicly accessible on this platform
  • UPSU will have ultimate editorial control and will only publish submission that are appropriate to UPSU policies.
We will use this contact you with any issues and add this as a point of contact to the survey details.
Do you have a money or item incentive for completing your survey? It's ok if not, but it always helps
Please provide the full working link to complete your survey or about the focus group
Please include as much details as you can to attract participants, so they know what they are completing
What is the deadline for submissions for the survey? Surveys will no longer be shown after this date.
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