Tafadzwa Nyambuya



Hi, my name is Tafadzwa and I am Psychology School Representative, I stood for this role due to my passion of wanting to make a positive difference. The role is very attractive to me and I am honoured to have the role as the Psychology representative. My experience in the student counsel in my sixth form has developed my skills in representing my peers and resolving issues they faced. I was also a social science ambassador, which gave me experience in working alongside teachers to promote social sciences. This is a transferable skill that I will be able to utilise in this role.

I aim to:

  • Introduce opportunities to learn about psychologists that are an ethnic minority. As an ethnic minority, I find that there is a general lack of representation within the psychology department and I plan to be able to represent and promote diversity and inclusion. This can benefit in making the course a more inclusive environment where students can effectively learn.
  • Create opportunities for students to get hands on work experience. This could be through working alongside professors and even shadowing them whilst they are conducting studies or collecting data.
  • Lastly, as a first year, learning and adjusting to the ways of university is hard. Therefore, having a “mum” or “dad” there to talk to and guide you throughout this process can be helpful. Other courses already have this in place and for a psychology student I truly believe it would be beneficial.

I think these aims will have a positive impact on creating a great working environment for psychology students because it would promote an inclusive environment where people feel safe and supported. Please feel free contact with me with any questions.

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