Tafadzwa Nyambuya



My name is Tafadzwa and I reappled for the position of school representative.I am proud to claim that I have started a program called ‘B.A.M.E Perspectives’ which focuses on getting Psychologists of a “BAME” background speak on their journey into their respective fields. This was an aim I wanted to achieve as I found there was a lack of diversity also how BAME individuals make up only 9.6 % of qualified clinical psychologists. Seeing those figures shocked me and gave me more encouragement to see this through.

 I aim to:

Firstly, continue all the wonderful programs like B.A.M.E. Perspectives and PsycFam; a scheme that works alongside with PsySoc in order to promote community and is a scheme that will help students from all stages get to know each other and break the communication barriers.These programmes aim to create a safe space for student to have discussions and encourage diversity.

Secondly, due to Covid-19, students are going through times where they may feel like they're alone due the lack of face to face socialising. In order to try have a little normality and interaction between students, I will create a space where students can do the required readings together; Peer mentor Reading groups. This is to encourage discussions about what the books/articles mean and any ideas and opinions on the current subject topics.

Lastly, I want to make it easier for students to feel comfortable approaching their lectures. In order to break the barrier between students and lecturers, I would propose a termly event where lecturers may be invited to a zoom quiz night hosted by Psysoc, and students will get the opportunity to get to know their lectures not only as individuals but also on a more professional level.

I hope I can make these opportunities and ideas a reality. 

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