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Olayinka Kareem

Postgraduate Taught Officer

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My name is Olayinka Kareem.  I am studying for a M.Sc in International Business and I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids.

As a postgraduate student, I understand the challenges postgraduate students go through.  I have assisted many students on how to go about their enrolment and find their way around the school. I am free-spirited and get on well with others easily. I am genuinely interested in people and get pleasure from being of assistance to others. I am honest, bold, and courageous.

I believe if elected, I would adequately represent and present the interests of my fellow postgraduate students. I would explore the Go and Talk sessions regularly to obtain feedback from postgraduate students and be up to date with their needs and views. I would be available and reachable to other students for at least one hour each week during my office and/or digital hours. 

Additionally, if elected, my top priority would be to use social media to enlighten and educate both current and incoming students to have easy access to viable information, also to promote students’ ideas and views, and encourage fellow students to take advantage to maximise the opportunities therein.

I will aspire to form a committee of representative postgraduate students to assist in managing the affairs of postgraduate students if it is practicable and permitted.

I, therefore, believe that I would be an agent of positive change to the entire student body and the University of Plymouth.

I hereby express my gratitude for reading my manifesto. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have concerning my position at


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