Will Styles

Postgraduate Officer


Hi, my name is Will and I am your elected Postgraduate Part-Time Officer. I graduated from my bachelor's in 2017 and have been a student at Plymouth ever since with 2 more years of my postgraduate course. So I am extremely familiar with the postgraduate environment.

I supported the creation of this role last year and would like to see its goal of postgraduate integration realised. I have experience in Union Council roles and 9 society committee roles and course rep roles and have developed the following skills; leadership, communication, responsiveness, proactivity, and more. I believe these make me an ideal candidate.

 I aim to:

Bring responsive motions to Union Council to create Policy around Student Feedback.

  • This would be achieved by engaging regularly with students with conversations targeted at implementable improvements.

Promote communication between Postgraduate students and the SU

  •  By seeking to establish networks of feedback.

Increase online resource accessibility

  • By working within the SU to identify key areas where COVID response will need efforts placed. Lobbying the university to deliver resources in these areas to ensure a smooth year of study and student living.

I think these aims will have a positive impact on the student experience because of the feedback I have gathered from students.

Do feel free to get in contact with me to ask me any questions about my ideas and to share your feedback.

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