Martins Akhemigbeze

Postgraduate Officer


I am running for the Postgraduate Students' Part Time Officer Role, as I want Postgraduate students to feel that they are part of the university community, and I strongly believe I can contribute to making that a reality. Having previously held representative positions, I have developed good leadership and communication skills, alongside being hardworking, committed and dedicated to my responsibilities.

If elected, I would aim to:

  • Create a series of entertaining yet informative self-help video clips about the campus and campus activities. They would address issues like; where and how to access the various support services (like the writing cafe), and many more.
  • Liaise with the leaders of a number of sport clubs and societies that are most suitable and Postgraduate student friendly to come up with innovative ways of publicising and boosting the reach of their activities and schedules to Postgraduate students. This I believe is a potent strategy to increasing their rate of participation and creating a solid platform for contact, socialising and interconnectivity amongst themselves and other students. Establishing an endearing sense of belonging and community in them.
  • I would lobby for adjustments, such as window blinds, to the library Postgraduate study spaces, to ensure they are always conducive for use.
  • Support the projects of other Students’ Union officers with an aim of encouraging them to ensure the inclusivity of Postgraduate students.

I think these aims will have a positive impact on Postgraduate students because many of them juggle commitments outside university that most undergraduate students perhaps cannot identify with, leading to feeling isolated from other university activities. Helping them to participate actively in extracurricular activities may be a difficult task, but I believe it is feasible and achievable. Please get in contact with any questions.

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