Bethany Hensman

Plymouth Business School


Hi everyone! My name is Bethany Hensman, a BSc (Hons) Business Management undergraduate with over 2 years experience as an administrative assistant within the education sector.


Whilst representing Plymouth Business School , I hope to bridge the communication between business students and the university. I would describe myself as a people person, I enjoy communicating and helping my peers. Others would say I am a fair individual, a great listener and problem solver. Always looking for a resolution.


My experience working within education has provided me with skills to make me a great school representative. For instance, I regularly communicate with professionals such as headteachers and business managers, and therefore I am confident engaging with high level academics. I would listen to the views of business students and communicate these effectively to our Faculty Lead and VP Education.


I will try to gain more proactive student support with referencing and citing. Through observation, I understand accurate referencing can be a challenge for many students. Providing 1-1 peer support can help students with referencing whilst giving the opportunity for students to build on coaching skills.


I will endeavour to work in partnership with academic staff to take into account how the organisation of studies can effect student commitments outside of university. For instance, providing a structured, in advance timetable can help those with external responsibilities.


Most importantly, I will be a friendly and approachable representative to listen to the views of business students in achieving a positive impact within the Plymouth Business School. I will prioritise listening to your opinions and feedback.

Please feel free to contact me on if you have any questions.

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