Perran Johnson

Plymouth Business School


As a second year and transfer business student, I understand first hand how difficult finding effective representation can be. The stress of not having your voice heard as a student can be crushing, especially if you feel personally effected by the situation. Over the last couple of months, it has been my priority to tackle these issues, which effect every student. Your voice will not go unheard!

What I believe every student should have:

  • Fair and non-discriminative representation
  • A reliable and engaged school rep
  • Trust that their voice will be heard, and actions will take place
  • Acknowledgment from the student and staff bodies In this position I will make sure students feel that they can act and make a difference.

I believe I am the ideal candidate for this position as I engage fully with the University experience, a hardworking and reliable business student myself, and attend many different societies and social events!

My top priorities:

  • Improving student/Lecturer feedback by improving communication through meetings with the course reps and lecturers, seeing to complaints quickly and making sure they are escalated to the relevant University Staff/key decision makers
  • Raise student awareness of mental health support available in the University
  • Work with PBS, course reps, and lecturers to create engaging and career building networking events for students

My confidence and ability to stand up for student rights I believe is crucial for this position. I am a friendly and approachable student, that really wants to see change happen.

I am proud to represent the business school here in Plymouth!

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