Tafadzwa Nyambuya

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Officer

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Matters that affect BAME individuals are important to me, and that is why I am running for BAME Part-time officer. My name is Tafadzwa, I am a master's student in Clinical Psychology. I want to work towards creating safer and better environments for all students, particularly those of a BAME background. This will be through various forms such as working closely with clubs and societies as well as the local political party.

I was a school representative for two years. In that role, I created programs like ‘B.A.M.E. Perspectives’ which focused on having psychologists from a “BAME” background speak on their work and journey into their respective fields. These were people that were in a field where BAME individuals make up less than 10% of clinical psychologists, according to research conducted by the BPS in 2013.

If elected I aim to:

  • I will create a safe community space where BAME voices are heard and valued. Our experiences within the university can sometimes feel minimised and dismissed. Therefore, I would like to have monthly forums, as your chosen representative, I can give you feedback on what is happening in and outside the university, that affects us as BAME individuals.
  • I will create opportunities for BAME students to network with people from various fields. This would be through working with the careers service and the student union to create accessible virtual and in-person seminars.
  • As I am passionate about mental health and well-being, I will create a group/forum to discuss issues impacting our mental health. This would be peer2peer focus groups. I will work with the well-being centre to conduct these groups efficiently.

Thank you for reading my manifesto and feel free to get in contact with me through my email: tafadzwa.nyambuya@students.plymouth.ac.uk


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