Takudzwa Mawera

Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Officer


I am Takudzwa Mawera. A 3rd year student in International Relations with Politics. This role sits very close to my heart and person as I am a member of marginalized communities who has seen and experienced multiple injustices that deserve to be addressed. It is a necessity for the fight to shed light on issues of racism and multiculturalism to be addressed especially in this university that is part of a city were there is an undertone of strong xenophobic, homophobic and racist inclinations as highlighted by Plymouth’s widespread BLM protest last summer. These issues are a cancer that must at the very least be diagnosed while work is being undertaken to treat them, as well as eventually attempt to bring understanding about the implications of such toxic behavior to cultural norms in the long term.

My experience for this role is highlighted by my skills in communication, team work, public relations, networking, negotiation, marketing, relationship and event management obtained from multiple committee roles across six societies, the UPSU forum and my roles as a social media, events, campaigns and research intern over the past two and a half years within this university, student union and charity sector.

I plan to:

  • Review Student Union and University BAME related campaigns carried out and then organize surveys to access student opinion on these campaigns and how best they can be improved.
  • Create a BAME forum similar to the Society and Sports forum that would be led once or twice in the year to monitor the status of campaigns unanimously agreed upon,facilitate discussions on issues and creation of events.
  • Creation of a Liberation and Awareness workshop to bridge gaps between marginalized minorities and UK nationals to make a bolder attempt to address segregation in societies and sports clubs.


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