Most Dedicated Dissertation/Project Supervisor Award


Completing a large project or a dissertation can be one of the biggest sources of stress for a student, the Award for the Most Dedicated Dissertation/Project Supervisor goes to a member of staff who has been by your side to support and guide you throughout. 

They may have been approachable and responsive - leaving you feeling reassured, given you prompt and formative feedback, provided academic opportunities outside of your lectures and/or been instrumental to your success in your project/dissertation/thesis. 

And the winner is... 

Patric Bach  
Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor, Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences 

“He has provided continued support and encouragement in me, through times of stress and self-doubt, which has given me the strength and confidence to carry on. His vast knowledge and passion for research, constant optimism and incredibly friendly and approachable nature has made these three years such a pleasure.” 

“This is not my country and at the beginning is very hard to become accustomed and believe in yourself. Without his support and encouragement I would never have got to where I am now.” 

“He is always eager to encourage our interests whilst keeping us grounded and focused on the big picture of our research project. Patric has been a great support through the years and has always looked for solutions to issues and obstacles” 



The following members of University of Plymouth staff have been recognised by their students for their dedication and have been selected as winners within their Faculties for this award: 


Cath Gristy  
Lecturer in Education Studies, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business 


“There hasn’t been a moment during this project where I haven’t felt fully supported. She is extremely knowledgeable around the subject, sending me in the direction of up to date and relevant sources for my research. I feel reassured when I have come to her with any worries regarding my project or stresses in my personal life” 

“She has been consistently great at giving prompt, useful feedback either in person or through email since she was allocated to my project.” 

“She always provides opportunities for us to see her, letting us know any available time that she has and keeps us on track by setting us achieveable tasks to complete to ensure we stay on task” 



Andy Foggo  
Associate Professor in Ecology, Faculty of Science and Engineering 


“Andy has been great at responding to emails and meeting up to answer any questions. Furthermore, he has been encouraging throughout my time with him and has always given me useful advice on how to move forward.” 

“Andy shares my passion for coding and is incredibly knowledgable in all of the diverse fields of marine ecology and physiology. Hence, he was able to offer me guidance while at the same time leaving me the space to explore the project for myself and make it my own.” 

“Andy inspires me to keep getting better at what I do and I truly feel he believes in my abilities. I could not have imagined a better supervisor!” 



The following people were nominated for this award: 

  • Dr Christopher Berry 
  • Dr Clare Embling 
  • Katie Angliss 
  • Tracey Madgett 
  • Suanne Gibson 
  • Jill Shwarz 
  • AnFoggo                 
  • Chris Berry 
  • Steve Jakes 
  • Dr Tina Joshi 
  • Cath Gristy 
  • Jenny Graham 
  • Dr Robert Allen 
  • Helen Margaret Walter 
  • Elaine Murphy 
  • Patric Bach 
  • Michael Thom 
  • Michael Cunliffe                 
  • Janet Georgeson 
  • Tanya Bellingham