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INK - The Student-led Journal of Written and Visual Art


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INK is a student-led anthology showcasing a collection of innovative writing, and an array of artwork created by students at the University of Plymouth.

This annual anthology presents a diversity of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and artwork, with each year embracing a new and original theme. INK is the perfect opportunity for those aspiring to work in creative industries, or simply for those who enjoy a creative hobby. INK is open to all students across all disciplines, from Fine Art to Marine Biology. We encourage you to get involved!

This year, INK is celebrating its tenth anniversary by embracing its most boundless theme yet: Nostalgia and Escapism with sub-themes of Rebirth, Innovation, Wanderlust, and Evolution. We want to inspire creative freedom and encourage you to interpret the theme as widely and as imaginatively as you wish.



For example, to some wanderlust is a longing to drift through a sun-kissed sea, aboard a boat as you sail towards a secluded shore. For others, wanderlust is the desire to soar through the vast expanse of our universe: exploring the infinite canvas for a crescent moon, and the intricate constellations of stars, glimmering like jewels. No matter how extensively you explore your chosen theme, the INK editors will package and present your contributions by bringing together your inspired submissions into a journal awash in colour and creativity.


   Being from Cornwall inspires my poetry as I draw from the limitless power of my native environment, finding myself creating twisted worlds filled with gothic imagery and contorted nature. The journal’s themes this year have particularly drawn my interest as, in a strange way, I find personal escapism and a peculiar solace with the damned characters inhabiting my writing.  

Ross Cooper, Illustration and Design Editor of INK 2021


If you would like to be part of this exciting opportunity, please do not hesitate to submit your work to us. We are very excited to receive all submissions and welcome those with experience being published, as well as those who may not have considered it until now.

If you are unsure, or simply would like to chat to one of our editors about potentially submitting to INK, do not be shy in reaching out to us through our social media platforms or through our email address:

The INK team is run by a combination of undergraduates and postgraduates from different disciplines unified by our passion for publishing aspiring authors and artists. We are here to support you, and to ensure that you have as much fun submitting your work as we will viewing it!


   I can’t wait to read all of the fantastic creative writing submissions and see everyone’s brilliant artwork. This year we have such a wonderful editorial team and we’re all so excited by the theme. INK 2021 is coming at the ideal time for everyone to settle down in an armchair with a cosy blanket, a warming mug of tea, and lots of incredible artwork to escape in.  

Elizabeth Stoddart, General Editor of INK 2021.


What are the rules for submitting your work?


All written submissions must be made by Friday 26th February 2021, and artwork submissions must be made by Friday 19th March 2021. Unfortunately, there is a limitation on the number of submissions we can publish in the INK journal. However, we also have an online INK journal where many more of your submissions can be proudly showcased.

The maximum word count for prose is 1000 words, and the maximum line count for poetry is 30 lines. The specifications for all photography and illustration submissions are 220 x 158mm for a single page (portrait or landscape) or 220 x 316mm for a double-page spread (landscape only), RGB colour mode, 300 dpi, TIFF file format, and LZW compression.

When submitting your work to us through email, please include your full name, course, year of study, and the medium of work you are submitting.



You can join the INK team as an In-House Illustrator!


As an In-House Illustrator at INK, you will be creating artwork for specific pieces of creative writing between Monday 8th March and Friday 2nd April 2021.

By becoming an In-House Illustrator, we invite you to become an active participant in the production of visuals for our submissions. Many written submissions, particularly poetry, can be indeterminate as to meaning. We, therefore, encourage you to engage with the open narratives you are presented with and explore the plurality of interpretations through a visual response.

If you would like to apply for this position, please contact us via email, and be sure to include your name, year of study, and examples of your work – even a portfolio or Instagram page exhibiting your creative talents! The deadline for applications is Friday 19th February.


Thank you for taking the time to read about INK 2021! Whether you are writing, weaving, sketching, or sculpting, we cannot wait to hear from you and receive your submissions.

For more information, consistent updates, and writing prompts, please check out our website and follow our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram.


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