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I'm selling hand-painted press on nails. These will give you beautiful nails that you apply with glue, offering convenience and flexibility!

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Hey and welcome to my wonderful world of nails! Amy Stokes Nails was born a year and a half ago when I qualified in gel polish nails as a creative outlet from my university studies. I decided to try press on nails during the first lockdown this summer, and loved it so much I thought I’d bring it back for Christmas!
What are press ons? They are nail tips that are adhered to your natural nails with nail glue, the nail tips are strengthened by the gel polish so are stronger than cheap ones you would buy in Primark for example.
How long do they last? I cannot provide an exact time frame of their wear as it varies on each individual, with proper care and removal there is a potential for the nails to be reused (check out my Instagram on removal). They are a convenient way of having beautiful nails as you can apply them in your own time, maybe make a nice pamper evening out of it!

I will be offering five patterned designs for £20 each and sets of plain nails in any colour of your choice for £15 each. See available colours to choose from on my Instagram.
Each set comes with 26 nail tips. The patterned designs include 6 patterned (acting as accent nails) and 20 plain nails to ensure the perfect fit without the need of a sizing kit.
All of the boxes are handmade by my amazing mum, and there is an application kit with everything you need to apply your nails quickly and easily.
Free UK Postage is included with the price.
If you’d like to order a set for yourself or as a gift, or if you have any queries, you can contact me on Facebook, Instagram and email. I am also open to discussion of some custom designs, which we can have a chat about.

Note: I am currently in self-isolation (a house member has covid-19, however I have not had any symptoms), therefore all orders will be made up with sanitizer at every stage of the process, as well as a mask and gloves. I will also quarantine the product for three days before posting, as safety to my customers is of the utmost importance to me. If you'd like to have a chat about safety and hygiene regarding your order, I'm more than happy to discuss this with you.