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Take a woodland stroll through Bovey Valley with the Wildlife and Ecology Society


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On Sunday 14th November 2021, The Wildlife and Ecology Society invited their members (and some furry friends) on an educational walk around Bovey Valley Woodland on Dartmoor to support their members' mental well-being by encouraging them to do exercise in nature. Also to connect members with the natural world and teach them about Dartmoors importance, history and habitats as well as developed identification skills in ferns, lichens, mosses and trees.



Our society members had a fantastic day out connecting with nature and learning about our local ecosystem and habitat.

Two Natural England volunteers provided an engaging and informative guided walk through Bovey Valley Woodland, Dartmoor National Park. They provided a variety of organism identification guides and information booklets that our members used to learn about the species surrounding them.





"An amazing experience learning about the ecology and history of the Bovey Valley Woodlands. The guides were so helpful and engaging."


- Miss Beth Paddon, Chair of The Wildlife and Ecology Society.


It was a great opportunity to learn the management strategies in place to conserve the mosaic habitats implemented by Natural England, Dartmoor National Park and The National Trust





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