Steps we’re taking as a venue to prioritise your safety


Following the recent increase in reports of spiking both in Plymouth and nationwide, we know that there will be many of you who will feel nervous about heading out this weekend and to nightclubs in particular.  

Further to our statement released yesterday, we’ve made some changes to the way our venue will operate and so things may look a bit different if you join us in the SU this weekend. 


We’ll now require your Student ID to gain entry to our venue 

On entry to the nightclub, you will be asked to show your University of Plymouth student ID. We will no longer be allowing entry without seeing your student ID, this is standard policy but we will be enforcing it more strictly from now on. 

You can still bring a plus one who is not a current University of Plymouth student but it is essential that you, as a UoP student, show your student ID in order to be able to sign them in. If you do not have your student card then neither of you will be granted entry. 


We’ll be offering random drinks testing  

We trialled offering random drinks testing last night at Jam House and will be continuing this over the weekend. While you’re in the venue you may be approached by a member of our staff team and be offered the option of having your drink randomly tested for spiking. This is entirely your choice and you have every right to say no. 


We’ll be increasing the frequency of random bag checks 

Our current policy is to conduct random bag checks and searches as part of our security procedure. These checks will increase in frequency from tonight onwards and our door team may ask to search your bag on entry. 



We will also be continuing our current safety procedures which include: 
Ask for Angela 

If you find yourself feeling threatened, unsafe or vulnerable while in the SU then approach a member of SU staff or head over to the SU bar and 'Ask for Angela'. This will then trigger an urgent response from our trained staff members and they will be able to provide you with help and support.  

Welfare Assistants 

Our Welfare Assistants play an important part in keeping the atmosphere on a night out friendly and respectful and to support people who may be vulnerable. They are current University of Plymouth students and are here to positively support students on nights out and signpost to appropriate further guidance. 


Safe Taxi Scheme 

We want to ensure that all students who enjoy a night out with us can get home safely. That’s why we’ve partnered with Need a Cab to offer a Safe Taxi Scheme. If you need a cab on a night out but don’t have the money to pay there and then, you can ring 01752 666222, order a taxi and pay at the SU the next day.   

Read the full UPSU statement on spiking in PlymouthClick here