UPSC sail away with Silver at The Green Blue’s University Sailing Sustainability Challenge


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The Green and Blue University Challenge is aimed at helping to raise awareness of the marine environment and how to help protect it. The University of Plymouth Sailing Club has been part of this challenge for the last couple of years, achieving the bronze award in 2020 and then Silver this easter! 

The annual challenge, which is sponsored by Ocean?, encourages members of university sailing clubs to become more environmentally aware and recognises the positive actions that the clubs have implemented to lower their environmental impact.

Throughout the challenge members of the UPSC have been involved in raising awareness to members of the public at our watersports centre in addition to beach cleans and action plans to reduce the impact of the club. Despite COVID adding an additional layer of difficulty to the challenge we are happy with what we have achieved and are proud to have been given recognition for our efforts through the award as well as winning a money prize draw which will be put towards sourcing more environmentally responsibly clothing.




'This is our second year of completing the Green and Blue University Challenge and we are happy that we have achieved the silver award! As a club that runs out of a marine protected area, caring for the environment is hugely important to us. Through these challenges, we feel that we have been able to improve how we operate to being more environmentally conscious as well as educating our members and centres that we use on the issues surrounding the environment we sail in! We can't wait to try and complete the gold award next year!!'


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