Scuba Society show over 50 students what it's like to breathe underwater



As students who are keen to promote diving, the Scuba Society are only too aware of the difficulties university students face in trying to begin their pathway in the sport. They facilitate this by running discover SCUBA diving sessions for free at the life centre, for any University of Plymouth students who want to know what it's like being weightless and breathing underwater.

Over the past two years, they've made this experience possible for over 50 students, most have gone on to get further qualifications in the sport. They are currently planning to make these sessions more frequent in the future, so that many more students can give this experience a go!

Thomas Baston, Scuba Society Dive Officer, said:

"It's really inspiring seeing so many new faces getting involved, especially with a sport that is not readily available."

Beatrice Mantoet, University of Plymouth student, said:

"The give it a go was nice, it seems a bit scary at first but once you're underwater it is amazing. When I have a little more money I'm planning to do the diving courses and qualifications to use in actively helping restoration of coral reefs."

Find out more about the Scuba Society and what they've got planned for the rest of the year on their society page, their blog and on social media. Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

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