Receiving your results: how SU Advice can help

Written by: UPSU

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Many students are expected to receive results next week on the 25th of June 2024. If you are unsure about your results date, you can check programme results dates by logging into the Student Portal.

For any students who receive their results and wish to make an appeal, please be aware that there is a new online form to submit appeals. 

This new online form should be used from Monday 17th June 2024, which replaces the previous Microsoft Word form. 

Appeals submitted using the old form will still be accepted until the 1st of July 2024, however, after that date all appeals must come in using the new online form. Any submissions made not using the new appeal form after that date will need to be resubmitted using the new form. 

Current students will be able to access the new Appeal form via the Student Portal and if a withdrawn student who no longer has access to their University log-in needs to submit an appeal, they can contact the Appeals team directly via and they will advise accordingly.

Please note that appeal deadlines are usually 10 working days after publication of results.

Student Portal link for results and appeals (login required):



How can the SU Advice team help with appeals? 

Students should contact SU Advice if they need support understanding the process of appeals or to better understand if they have grounds for an appeal (as detailed in the academic regulations), if they are unsure.

The best way to help yourself is by getting a draft to our SU Advice team as soon as you can once you have received your Statement of Results. They are not able to write your appeal for you but they can offer comment and guidance in order to help you make your statement as strong as possible.

For ease, we suggest that you complete the online enquiry form, attaching any correspondence that you may have received about your academic progression and remembering to attach your statement of results also!

Please note, that the University has an appeals procedure and there are strict grounds for what can constitute an appeal. Questioning academic judgement is not a ground for appeal.

For more information on how SU Advice can support students with appeals, as well as more information on how to view your results and understanding self-plagiarism, please visit the SU Advice Appeals page on the SU website:

To get in touch with SU Advice, please visit to submit an enquiry form, get in touch via email, or by phone.