New Online Reporting Tool for Students and Staff: Speak Up


Over the past year your SU President, Tilda Fraser, has been collaborating with the University of Plymouth to develop a new online reporting tool to enable students and staff to report abuse, harm or hate that happens on campus.

Whether its sexual harassment, racism, homophobia, a single instance of discrimination or an enduring abuse, we want to empower students and staff to Speak Up

The Students' Union and The University of Plymouth pride ourselves on creating an open, safe and welcoming environment, but should anything bad happen, we want our students and staff to know exactly how to tell us.

Where can I find it?

On the main University of Plymouth website, no need to log in! Simply click on the drop down information menu "which incidents can be reported?" and follow this link.

Who can use it?

Any students, staff, or member of the public in Plymouth, who has experienced or witnessed an incident on campus. There is also an option to report on behalf of someone else.

What can be reported?

Sexual harassment, sexual assault, bullying, phobic behavior, hate crime, discrimination, anything that makes you feel unsafe or unwelcome on campus. 

Is it anonymous?

Yes, it can be anonymous if you select that option. If you report anonymously your report will only be used for data and you will not be identifiable or contactable by University services. Once a report is made, people who have reported anonymously will be signposted to support information. 

Alternatively, you can also report and provide contact details, this allows a university support service to privately contact you to offer support or explore your case further. Those who provide their name will be contacted within 3 working days.

How long does it take?

This is personal, sometimes submitting a report can be difficult or emotional. However, the form should only take around 10 - 15 minutes. You can NOT save a report half way through, so must complete the form or re-fill it at another date. 

Can students get any help with filling a report?

The SU Advice Center can show a student the online form and try to answer their questions. They can NOT fill the form in for anyone, but they can help them understand what will happen once they submit a form. 

Students can book an appointment with Advice here or turn up without booking between 11 am - 3 pm.