My time as a Sabb - Emi Dowse - VP Education 2020-21


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"So the reason that I ran for Sabbatical Officer is actually because I was angry, I was angry at the University and I was angry at some of the injustices that I was hearing that students were facing. Especially students from marginalised groups, with students who are at the lowest and the most disadvantaged. Many times these students have to jump through a lot of hoops and the processes that are there to support them, actually hinder them. So I wanted to use that anger to create positive change and to make sure that students in the future didn't have to jump through all these hoops and go through what we did. 

I think that my proudest moment as a Rep is when I step out of my comfort zone, and I push forward the things that truly matter to our students. So whether it's been the Graduation or the Safety Net, going into those meetings and putting it forward, even if the response hasn't been what we wanted, I know that it's made a difference to our students. And it makes me so proud when students come to me and say that they're so thankful that someone is listening and acting on their behalf. 

So right now I'm actually working on quite a lot, but the most important to students would probably be the Safety Net, or some of the other smaller things that I've been working on is I've been a part of an Extenuating Circumstances Policy Review Group, as well as a Personal Tutoring Policy Review Group. And I've also been part of a COVID University comms group to make their comms more student friendly, as well as trying to put together this digital Q&A that the SU are trying to do with the university. So quite a lot going on.

So my best piece of advice for anyone who's thinking about running is think about what is motivating you to run. Is that anger? Are you wanting something to change because you feel like there's an injustice? Or is it something positive that you want to create, or you want to bring in because you think it will benefit students? If you're thinking that way, then you probably already know you want to run and think about what's holding you back. Because if it's fear, please don't let that hold you back. I was terrified. And it was scary. I won't lie, you have the whole Student Voice team to support you all the way. You have the Sabbs who aren't running and you also have the people who are running alongside you who are there in the same boat and you can chat to and it's really not a reason to hold you back."


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