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SU Advice: 5 things to help keep you safe at University


Coming to University is an incredible step in life and learning a new way to live is a huge step for freshers, and coming back to University after a year of lockdown is just as big.

Now it's a new world, but with normality returning, so do the risks. So we've got some tips to help keep you safe this year.


Take care of your belongings

There will be people, not necessarily students, with an eye on your phone, laptop, wallet, handbag, etc. Keep an eye on your belongings and make sure you always know where they are. If you are out in public don’t leave them unattended.


Take care of your ID

Do not disclose too much information about yourself to people you have just met, no matter how friendly and trustworthy they appear to be. Don’t disclose any personal information online unless they are a trusted source. Scammers know when Student Finance England make their payments and will be targeting students at this time of year.


Take care of your safety

You are probably new to Plymouth and do not fully know your way around yet.  Stick to well-lit routes if you are walking home late at night, and always walk with a friend if possible. Make sure you have a local taxi phone number saved on your phone, we recommend Need A Cab 01752 222666. Make sure you know about UPSU’s Safe Taxi scheme too. 

As well as this, whilst at the SU if you find yourself feeling threatened, unsafe or vulnerable then approach a member of SU staff or head over to the SU bar and 'Ask for Angela'. This will then trigger an urgent response from our trained staff members and they will be able to help you and fully support you. You're never alone at UPSU! 


Take care of your sanity

Student life is fun, exciting, noisy and vibrant. There is a lot to do, lots of freebies, lots of events, lots of new people to meet and get to know. But do make sure you get enough sleep, eat sensibly and keep things in perspective.  If things get too much, take a walk up to The Hoe and have some fresh air, have a siesta to catch up on some sleep, say no to more alcohol and opt for a soft drink.


Take care of your student status

The University has a reputation to protect and will not tolerate inappropriate and illegal behaviour by its students. Make sure you understand the University’s Code of Conduct. What you may think is a private communication on social media is only private until it is shared. Drugs in Halls and private student accommodation are a no-no and the University will take a dim view of anyone contravening the law. If you’re on a professional course, or someone in your group of friends is, and you get caught up in something inappropriate or illegal, you are likely to face disciplinary proceedings and potentially be asked to withdraw from your course.


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