Inspirational Teaching Award


The Inspirational Teaching Award is awarded to a University of Plymouth staff member who shows passion and enthusiasm for teaching and inspires their students to be the best they can be. The winner will show passion and enthusiasm for teaching and their respective subject, share their depth of knowledge by explaining concepts clearly and inspiring confidence with an engaging, interactive and innovative teaching style. 

And the winner is...



Ahmed Suhail  
Lecturer, Faculty of Science and Engineering 

“When teaching you can see his passion for the subject, and his desire for the class to understand his passion.” 

“Ahmed works hard for the students and will answer any questions we have to the best of his ability. If students have requests that may be specific to them, he will always try and adjust to enable them to succeed.” 

“A researcher at the forefront of solar technology, Ahmed has embraced his students interest in solar cell technology and broken his published research into a series of manageable bite-size chunks. Lectures are well structured and feed directly into a practical approach to the fabrication of solar cells.” 

“Through his labs and lectures, he didn't just teach me his material, but he shared with me his passion about the subject... Ahmed is the only lecturer that has asked for feedback for his lectures and labs after almost every session before the end of the semester, listening to the student suggestions and improving his delivering methods even more, making the subject more appealing and interesting to everyone... I am just honored to be one of his students!” 



The following members of staff have been recognised for their Inspirational Teaching by their students and have been selected as winners for their respective Faculties: 


Dr Emma Macleod-Johnstone
Lecturer in Education Studies (Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Business)

“Emma is one of those people that if you’re fortunate enough to interact with once, you will remember her for the rest of your life. She is an absolute inspiration and someone I aspire to be not only when I teach but I want to have her ability to make anyone feel like they matter.” 

“She has been nothing but supportive, she’s held me when I’ve cried and encouraged me and believed in me more than anyone ever has” 

“Emma is one of the most fantastic lecturers that I have had teaching me over my degree, she has such a passion and enthusiasm for everything that she teaches, and this really helps to get to motivate the students.” 

“She uses a number of teaching techniques, from discussions to videos to even activities like mindfulness. This variety of teaching techniques makes her lectures so engaging and always makes me want to find out more about the topic.” 


Dr Tina Joshi  
Lecturer in Molecular Microbiology (Faculty of Health: Medicine, Dentistry and Human Sciences)

“Tina is extremely passionate about her students, their performance and well-being. In addition to delivering clear, well-focused and highly educational lectures she’s arranged several highly valuable and motivational events were students have the opportunity to talk to representatives from areas of expertise within microbiology” 

“Tina helps her students see their scientific value outside of the University setting by encouraging a wider understanding of scientific research implication.” 

“Her enthusiasm is infectious and her personal research inspiring. She sees her students and always has time to help/chat. She is an important representative for all women in science and should be an inspiration for all lecturers at Plymouth University.” 


All nominees: 

  • Arun Sood 
  • Boikhutso Shianyana 
  • Brian Campbell 
  • Charlie Mansfield 
  • Charlotte Nolan 
  • Chiara Boschetti 
  • Chris Longmore 
  • David Gilvear 
  • Dr Ahmed Suhail 
  • Dr Emma Macleod-Johnstone 
  • Dr Jaysan Charlesford 
  • Dr Jenny Graham 
  • Dr Jill Schwarz 
  • Dr Lucy Huggins 
  • Dr Martha Paisi 
  • Dr Péter Bokody 
  • Dr Sarah Fitzpatrick 
  • Dr Sarah Tuck 
  • Dr Tina Joshi 
  • Edgar Mihas 
  • Janet Kelsey 
  • Jonathon Timothy Ward 
  • Karen Wickett 
  • Kath Vineer 
  • Keri Collins 
  • Kim Ward 
  • Mark Briffa 
  • Mike Woods 
  • Mohamed Haddoud 
  • Nicholas Outram 
  • Phil Dyke 
  • Philip Medway 
  • Piers Von Berg 
  • Rebecca Lawes 
  • Samantha Townsend 
  • Samantha Turner 
  • Stacey DeAmicis 
  • Steven Jakes 
  • Tamara Mortimer 
  • Toby Whitley 
  • Wendy Burt