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Plymouth Men's 1's Lacrosse Vs Cardiff Men's 1's Lacrosse

Written by: University of Plymouth Lacrosse Club

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On the 8th of February, the men’s lacrosse team took a trip up to Cardiff to take on premiership side Cardiff 1’s.

The team's Captin, James Stansbury (Jon) shares an overview of the game:

"With a few key players missing, the roster was not at full strength but we were confident nonetheless. Cardiff came on looking at a team 2 leagues below them and in their own words “a bunch of small blokes”. Despite some big mouths, the good guys kept their composure and finished a good warmup. Line-ups done, it was time to faceoff. George Tidy, who has been excellent all season from the center showed up again and won the first face-off creating a fast break opportunity and within 30 seconds it was 1-0 Blue and GT on the score sheet.


Another couple of excellent starts from the big man saw Plymouth storm 3-0 into the lead. Some very sloppy work saw the first quarter close 4-3 to Cardiff. A stern team talk at the quarter and the boys were fired up. Attackman Lewis Downey took matters into his own hands firing two past the Cardiff Keeper who couldn’t control his anger.


Q2 was a complete shutout from the Plymouth boys as they slotted another 3 that quarter closing out the half 8-4 to the good guys. Some downtime and quick tactic talk from the captain Jon saw the boys head back out and within minutes Charlie Smith slotted his first goal of the season past Cardiff’s defence.

With the game dragging on the boys were tiring after a 3 half-hour journey up to Cardiff and again more sloppy work lead to Cardiff creating some great chances bringing the scoreline difference down to 3 as the quarter closed; 10-7 to the good guys.


The 4th quarter saw the boys looking very tired and the instructions were simple, park the bus. Cardiff inspired by the thought of a win on the 3rd quarter dominance showed heart but it was unmatched by the play of the Plymouth boys. Defender Chris Down holding off 3 Cardiff boys in the dying embers of the game. Attackman Ben Lipinski Sealed the game after a brutal hit by the captain led to an easy 1 on 1 with Cardiff’s rattled keeper to end the game 13-11.


From not competing in BUCS last year because the club simply didn’t have the manpower to make a 10-man squad, starting from the bottom in the lowest league possible to wiping out a prestigious premiership side. This men’s team, quite simply, cannot be stopped. The boys now look ahead to only one league above Bath MenCouples who sit second in Division 1."




"When I organised this game I wanted it to be a challenge, we haven't had one thus far this year. After we dropped out of all competitions last year most would assume this year would of been a struggle, however, its been anything but. I really do think we have shocked a lot of people, especially Cardiff; we definitely shocked Cardiff." - James Stansbury (Jon) - Captain

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