UPSU Society & Activity Award Winners 2018

On Friday 11th May VP Activities, Alex Doyle, along with the UPSU Societies team hosted the Society and Activity Awards 2018.

These awards celebrate all of the success, determination and achievements individuals and societies have made in the last academic year. Students can be nominated for consideration by any student or member of UPSU staff.

Read the full results below:


Most Improved Society

This award will be given to a society who has demonstrated significant improvements for their members and increased society performance and engagement. The society will have demonstrated the following - team work, boosting engagement, professional, introduction of new activities or events, improvements or innovative ideas for society growth.

  • Winner - Marine Biology


Outstanding Contribution

This will be awarded to an individual who has shown outstanding contributions to UPSU societies throughout their time at the University of Plymouth. These contributions may include dedication, passion, ongoing commitment, inspiring, a supportive and inclusive attitude, volunteering and participating in wider UPSU activities.

  • Winner - Matthew Hatfield
  • Highly Commended - Jake Thurman


Community Contribution

This is awarded to an individual or a society that has made a huge impact on the community throughout the year by volunteering with local communities and holding charitable events.

  • Winner - Lauren Fidler


Society Charity Champion

This award is for a society that has made a significant contribution to a particular charity over the year.The society will have not only fundraised money but also increased awareness and raised the profile of the chosen charity.

  • Winner - Marrow


Outstanding One-Off Event

This award is aimed at any outstanding event a society has had throughout this academic year. The award will be based on the success, awareness, publicity, fundraising, meaning and impact for those involved.

  • Winner - MedSoc - Conference
  • Highly Commended - Marrow - Valentines Charity Auction


Give it a Go Champion

This award is for an individual or a society that has shown the most significant contribution to the GIAG programme throughout the year. Impact includes number of member’s involved, regular sessions throughout the year or a one off event  continuation next year and meeting the needs of students.

  • Winner - Scuba Society


Society of the Year

This award is given to a society who has demonstrated they are one of UPSU’s leading societies. They will have shown the following attributes: team work, outstanding achievement, professionalism, great range of opportunities, capturing feedback, implemented change and engaged with UPSU and other societies.

  • Winner - Scuba Society
  • Highly Commended - MedSoc


Society Person of the Year

This award goes to an individual who has shown an impressive commitment to their society and demonstrates enthusiasm, passion and contributed to their society throughout this academic year.

  • Winner - Ruth Oyenuga


Best Newcomer

Awarded to a society that has formed within the current academic year and has met the needs of students, made a positive impact and offered a variety of opportunities to students.

  • Winner - MHNSoc


Best Project

This award is for a project which has run this academic year within the society or the wider community. It could be an ongoing project throughout the year, or a one-off project. The award takes into account the future of the project as well as its impact and opportunities.

  • Winner - Christian Union - Tea and Toast
  • Highly Commended - People and Planet - Fossil Free


DofE Champion

Awarded to a student who has actively taken part and been involved in a DofE Award. The student has shown dedication and commitment throughout the year and has embraced all aspects of the award.

  • Winner - Annabel Page


Chair of the Year

This award is for an outstanding individual who has carried out and made a significant contribution to the role of Chair throughout the year.

  • Winner - Penny Smith
  • Highly Commended - Temilolu Danso


Treasurer of the Year

This award is for an outstanding individual who has carried out and made a significant contribution to the role of Treasurer throughout the year.

  • Winner - Niamh Brown

Secretary of the Year

This award is for an outstanding individual who has carried out and made a significant contribution to the role of Secretary throughout the year.

  • Winner - Grace Brooks


Safety Officer of the Year

This award is for an outstanding individual who has carried out and made a significant impact to the role of Safety Officer throughout the year.

  • Winner - Charlotte Hammond


Full Colours

Awarded to students who have shown continued dedication and have made an exceptional contribution to their society. They have demonstrated commitment to their society, student members and the students’ union throughout their time at university.

  • Hannah Reek
  • Jake Thurman
  • Joshua Baker
  • Nicole Harris
  • Oliver Rouch
  • Penny Smith
  • Thomas Dunn


Half Colours

Awarded to students for their continual dedication and involvement with a Society at UPSU. This could include an individual committee position or an active member who has gone above and beyond what is required and has made a huge contribution to the society.

  • Alana Kiss
  • Alexander Gordon
  • Amy Baron
  • Antonia Davis
  • Beth Chudley
  • Bethany Reed
  • Bhavna Bhalla
  • Bryony Holdridge
  • Charlie Bertram
  • Charlie Johnson
  • Charlotte Hammond
  • Chloe Bond
  • Dale Kingston
  • Dina Hicks
  • Dylan Ellis
  • Emily Adams
  • Emily Whiting
  • Emma Longden
  • Eric Lai
  • Esha Chand Bhandari
  • Fionn Bernthal
  • Georgina Keen
  • Harry Cook
  • Henry Leahy
  • James Elliott
  • Jocelyn Saxelby
  • Joshua Stewart
  • Kaltrina Krasniqi
  • Kiah Whiteman
  • Lauren Fidler
  • Lauren Pankhurst
  • Liam Harvey
  • Louis Goldman
  • Lucy Longbottom
  • Max Skinner-Cizmas
  • Niamh Brown
  • Rebekah Hill
  • Rupert Cunnington
  • Ruth Oyenuga
  • Seren Kiremitcioglu
  • Temilolu Danso
  • Toby Ball
  • William Marsh