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The SU Disco Bingo
Online (Zoom)
Fri 11 September 2020 20:30-22:00
Friday 11 September 2020
8:30pm - 10pm
Join us for a massive virtual party with a game of bingo thrown in for fun.

Disco Bingo is consistently described as 'the most fun I've had since lockdown began' and we just know you're going to have an AMAZING time, and from the comfort of your own home.

It's essentially a massive party with a game of bingo thrown in for fun. Instead of numbers being called out, you'll hear amazing songs which we'll all sing (on mute) and dance along to, so make sure you've got some space to dance. If the song you hear is on your bingo card, you’ll cross it off. Don’t worry if you don’t know the name of the song, we will tell you!

Each week will have a different theme, so look out for that and dress up appropriately! Wear your best outfit, get your props at the ready and put the disco lights on. This is going to be a lot of fun!


How it works

  • Signup to the free event by login in to with your university login. You need to have completed your University online enrolment to have access to your university email
  • You will be sent a Zoom link to your university email to join the call 24 hours before.
  • You can book up to 1 place per person, but you can have your friends from your house with you around the screen.
  • You’ll be emailed your unique bingo card before the event, so look out for that email!


This event is run by The Students' Union any questions regarding this event please contact: The Students' Union on

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Event photography and video

Please be aware that some of the University of Plymouth Students’ Union events may be attended by UPSU approved photographers and videographers, for capturing content to be used in UPSU and University online and offline marketing and promotional materials, for example webpages, social media or flyers. If for whatever reason, you or a member of your group, do not wish to be photographed, please make yourself known to staff working at the event on arrival or to the photographer.