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Candidate for the position of VP Wellbeing & Diversity

Image for Alannah O'Neill

Alannah O'Neill

Hi, my name is Alannah O’Neill, and I am standing for the role of VP Wellbeing and Diversity because I believe that student success and happiness stems from the quality of their wellbeing and support. The pandemic has resulted in overwhelming, disproportionately high damage to student wellbeing, which if not addressed could severely impact the university experience of many. 

I will be an outstanding candidate for the role as I have experience in being responsible for the wellbeing of students, from my time as a society Health and Safety Officer. During my law degree and experience in the family law clinic, I have developed the skills to communicate with, listen to and advocate for people from various backgrounds. 

If elected:

  • I will lobby the university to improve in-house wellbeing services so that students are provided with high quality, tailored support. If students are dissatisfied with their care, I will assist them in finding appropriate and beneficial support as well as holding regular signposting events for services. 
  • I will endeavour to improve social environments for students from minority communities by introducing discrimination and implicit bias training to student groups, and creating social events for communities to get together, meet new people and make their voices heard. 
  • I will aim to address student alcohol and substance abuse by creating a campaign highlighting the signs of dependence, signposting support, and creating sober social groups to help students feeling excluded or pressured to drink, starting from freshers’ week. 

By improving the wellbeing of students and providing high quality support to those who need it, their academic life will positively thrive. If you put your trust in me, I will represent you and your needs, so that you can finish university with a positive, happy experience. 

#GoBananasForAlannah and vote me #1 for Wellbeing and Diversity!