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Candidate for the position of VP Education

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Emi Dowse

Hi, my name is Emi Dowse, and I am running for the role of VP education because I believe that students should be provided with the relevant tools and support to succeed within their academic studies.

I will be great for the role as I have already represented my peers as a course rep, helping to get my degree programme accredited with the Royal Biological Society. This year I have chaired RAG coordinating the fundraising of over 100 members for our eleven charities. Through this, I have developed the skills to effectively communicate with different groups and the ability to passionately get my ideas across.

If elected:

I will endeavour to amend the extenuating circumstances policy, making it more inclusive of the underrepresented issues students face. To make these adjustments, I aim to create a tool for students to report difficulties when applying for extenuating circumstances.

I will lobby to incorporate life skills seminars into induction week to help students to adjust smoothly to student life. Students with the relevant life experience will deliver sessions such as ‘how to student’, presenting, budgeting etc.

I will inform academic staff about how the presentation of their lecture materials can hinder learning abilities. I will encourage providing the option of coloured paper for handouts and advise against the use of black text on white backgrounds. Many students are unaware of how colours and presentation influence their ability to process information; I hope to improve this by breaking down learning barriers.

I believe that by ensuring our students are catered for and supported from when they start their student journey that it will not only maximise the overall university experience but will positively influence their grades by maximising the time and energy they can place into their studies.