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Students' Union Awards 2022

Recognising your amazing achievements

We know University of Plymouth students achieve amazing things during their time at university. We believe that together we should celebrate as one community.
The Students' Union Awards recognise truly inspirational students and groups; highlighting the outstanding achievements of the amazing students at University of Plymouth, and sharing them with the whole University of Plymouth community.

About the SU Awards

Each year we run the SU awards to celebrate amazing student achievements, and we put on an amazing awards ceremony night to honour those individuals and groups.

This year, the awards ceremony will be held in the Rolle Marquee, on 16th May 2022.
All the individuals and groups who are shortlisted will receive invites to this prestigious night.

The nominations period is open Tuesday 1st February - Tuesday 22nd March, midday 2022.

Nominations have now closed.

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The Award Categories

Student Led Project/event/campaign of the year

This award will go to an individual or group who has shown commitment and enthusiasm for a project or event that has run this academic year. The outstanding and successful project or event could be ongoing or a one off.

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Fundraiser of the year

This award goes to an individual or group who has made a significant contribution to a particular charity or charities over the year.

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Dedication to Volunteering

This award goes to an individual or group who has demonstrated a positive attitude and stands out from others. This individual or group has also shown a high level of commitment and enthusiasm to Volunteering.

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Activity Group of the year

This award will go to a group who has demonstrated professionalism, outstanding achievements and team working across the academic year. This group has consistently shown their commitment by either supporting or running activities in addition to being professional in their attitude whilst achieving great things.

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Sports Club of the Year

This award goes to an outstanding sports club who have excelled this year and made a positive difference to the lives of their members.

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Staff Choice Award

SU Staff only - This award is chosen by the staff at The SU who work closely with students across a variety of activities and they see the effort and passion students put into helping others and making a difference. This award will go to an individual or group who staff recognise have gone the extra mile and deserve recognition for their contribution to the student or wider community.

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Student Personality of the Year

This award goes to someone that stands out, they excel in their field, are enthusiastic and passionate about what they do. They make a difference but do not always get the recognition for it. A unique individual with a positive attitude towards their student group and UPSU.

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Outstanding Contribution

Awarded to a group or individual who has demonstrated success or made a huge impact to UPSU throughout the year.

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Sustainability Award

This award will go to an individual or group who made significant contributions to reducing their environmental impact over the year.

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Half Colours

Awarded to students for their continual dedication and involvement with student led activities.

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Full Colours

Awarded to students who have achieved half colours. They have continued to show outstanding dedication, and have made an exceptional contribution to a student group or activity and commitment to UPSU and the University. Each student group is limited to nominate 6 individuals for full colours.

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