Freshers Week

International Welcome: 11th-15th Sept

Freshers Week 15th-24th Sept

Freshers is more than just a week. Freshers is more than going on nights out. Freshers is just the start of your University experience.

Whether you're a first year student or you're returning and hoping to make the most of what's on offer - we've got something for you.

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We've got a wide range of events and activities on offer from big nights out to day time chilled events.

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Student Groups

Freshers is a time to meet new people and get to know your flat or coursemates. We have over 150+ Sports Clubs and Societies available to you to get involved in to meet like-minded people and find your Uni family.

Your Reps

When you’re a student here at the University of Plymouth, you're instantly a member of your Students' Union, and that means you have a role in the decisions that affect you. These are your elected sabbatical officers, part-time officers and school reps who are there for you to make sure your time at University is as positive as it can be.

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