Summer Ball


Where will the summer ball take place?
What time does the event start & finish?
I haven’t received an email confirmation from my ticket order what should I do?
The event is sold out. Will more tickets be available?
Is the event accessible?
Where do I find the set times?
How do I collect my Summer Ball ticket, once I have purchased the tickets online?
Is there a dress code at the Ball?
Can my online tickets be sent to me by post?
Can someone else collect my online ticket for me?
Where is the entrance for the Summer Ball?
What if I have forgotten to pick up my Summer Ball Ticket?
Can I bring food & drink into the Summer Ball?
What not to bring into the Summer Ball
I have lost my ticket can I get a replacement?
Will there be a cloakroom available?
I have lost property?
Is there food served at the ball?
Can I pay by cash at the Summer Ball?
How many tickets can I purchase?
What is the difference between the standard and premium tickets?
What if the event gets cancelled?
Where can I purchase a UPSU Summer Ball ticket?
Who can buy a UPSU Summer Ball ticket?
I'm not a final year but I want a premium ticket?
Can I bring non student guests to the Summer Ball?
Can I leave the ball and re-enter once I have entered?
What is the latest time I can enter the Summer Ball?
Are there any toilet facilities?
Can I get a refund once I purchase a ticket?
Can I purchase tickets on the day?
Can I take photos at the event?


Summer Ball Terms and Conditions

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