What are School Representatives

School Reps oversee the work of the course reps and support them in their role. They are at the centre of the academic representation system within their respective school and will attend various committees and meetings while encouraging their course reps to attend the necessary events too.

School Reps also focus on encouraging their peers to complete various surveys and promoting elections and award nomination periods. For example, NSS, SSTAR Awards, UPSU Elections so that feedback within their school is as comprehensive as possible.

UPSU support these academic reps through training and guidance to make the changes you want to see.


How to become a School Rep.

School reps are elected via an online election run by the UPSU Student Voice Team.

The main elections for 17/18 School Reps will be held in March 2017. During these elections there will be a nomination period, this is where anyone interested in becoming a School Rep will nominate themselves for a position and submit a manifesto. After the nominations period there is a voting period. Voting is open to all students.

School Representative Elections

School Reps are responsible for representing the Student Voice within the School in which they study. They should collect opinions from students within their School and liaise with Course Reps to get the bigger picture. They should identify issues and work with University staff to enhance the teaching and student experience in their School. School Reps are also expected to work collaboratively to influence change across their Faculty and the whole university, where necessary.

9 posts are up for election.

Nominations are now closed.

The polls are open and will close at 12:00 on Friday 31 March 2017 (in 37 hours)

Please log in to vote.
Post List
Read more about the positions up for election and what each role entails.
Candidate List
See who's running for each post and read their manifestos.
  • Nominations open on Monday March 13th at midday and closes Friday 24th at midday.
  • Voting opens Monday 27th March at midday and closes Friday 31st at midday

Why become a School rep?

  • Free training for your role
  • Free hoody to make sure everyone knows who you are
  • Gain skills that look great on your CV
  • Earn Student Voice Recognition Awards with the hours you record for your work
  • Can be added to your HEAR record once you gain a Bronze Award
  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Become the voice that really makes academic changes for a better student experience

Being a School Representative and your HEAR Record

In order for you work as a School rep to be recognised on your HEAR record you must record 20+ hours through the hours logging system. 

How to Log Your Hours

Current School Reps

Faculty of Arts & Humanities

Plymouth institute of Education

Maja Smith - Plymouth Institute of Education

Maja Smith


School of Art, Design & Architecture

William Styles - Arts, Design & Architecture

William Styles


School of Humanities & Performing Arts 

Danielle Noble-Devenney


Faculty of Business

School of Tourism & Hospitality

Agnes Morgan - School of Tourism and Hospitality

Agnes Morgan 


School of Law, Criminology & Government 

Connor Malone


Victoria Boruta


Plymouth Business School

Daniel van Cleak - Plymouth Business School

Daniel van Cleak


Graduate School of Management

Mayukha Abeyratne


Faculty of Health & Human Science

School of Health Professions

Emma Wallis - School of Health Professions

Emma Wallis


School of Nursing & Midwifery

Lucy Murley


School Psychology

Shannon Kowalski


Faculty of Science & Engineering

School of Marine Science & Engineering

Bidhan Tamang Bamjan - School of Marine Science & Engineering

Bidhan Tamang Bamjan


School of Biological Sciences

Noor Al-Wattar - School of Biological Sciences

Noor Al-Wattar


School of Computing, Electronics& Mathematics

Ryan Skidmore - School of Computing, Electronics & Mathematics

Ryan Skidmore


School of Geography, Earth & Environmental Sciences


Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine & Dentistry

School of Medicine

Alexandra Buckle - School of Medicine

Alexandra Buckle


School of Dentistry

Lewis Crosby - School of Dentistry

Lewis Crosby


School of Biomedical & Healthcare Sciences

Arron Jackson - School of Biomedical & Healthcare Sciences

Arron Jackson













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