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    Ban the Bottle

      A million plastic bottles are bought around the world every minute and this figure is rising. Fewer then half of these bottles are recycled and just 7% are turned into new bottles. Between 5 and 13 million tonnes of plastic leaks into the world's ocean each year, ingested by sea birds, fish and other organisms. By 2050, the ocean will contain more plastic by weight than fish. This is why we need to 'Ban the Bottle' at Plymouth University. This change will prohibit the sale of bottled water anywhere on campus. Instead, additional water fountains will be found throughout the campus encouraging students to have their own re-usable water bottle. A range of re-usable bottles will also be sold in the SU shop. I am currently on an exchange at the University of Western Washington. This university successfully banned the bottle in 2014 and has never looked back. This change is simple, completely feasible and essential for the well being of the Earth and all of its inhabitants. Finally, it will save us all money, something that we all can appreciate.
    Tracy Priestman
    9:55am on 30 Oct 17 Thanks for submitting your idea Helen, we will be in touch as soon as you get enough votes for it to be progressed. In the meantime, make sure you get your friends to comment and vote! If you haven't already been in touch with our Environment & Sustainability Forum, it would be worth contacting them to help promote your idea
    Jonathan Murphy
    11:25pm on 30 Oct 17 Great Idea, follow suit from other universities around the world and make water accessible and free!
    Hannah Barnes
    6:18am on 31 Oct 17 I really love this idea. It makes so much sense and would save so much waste!
    Brendan Cavaciuti
    8:51am on 2 Nov 17 Small steps at ground level are what will add up to make a huge difference in the future.
    Carol Matthews
    12:40pm on 2 Nov 17 Great idea! It starts at Plymouth uni and spreads from there hopefully :)
    Barry Pettifor
    9:36am on 3 Nov 17 This is so do-able - great idea. There could be “Ban the bottle”/uni branded bottles for sale which further promote the idea and let us individually lead by example. Get Richard Thompson behind it and some media attention ?
    Clare Struthers
    5:24pm on 3 Nov 17 I think this is a great idea! I already use my glass water bottle every day, and would be great to have a fountain to re-fill it with. Once we've tackled this we can do the same for disposable coffee cups that aren't recyclable! :)
    Emily Ambler
    8:06pm on 3 Nov 17 Fantastic idea!! A really great step for reducing one-use plastics. Something all university's should be implementing! A great follow up of the no straws in the upsu bar.
    Bethany Welsh
    4:03pm on 6 Nov 17 Amazing idea! I think the university should install more water fountains around campus too as its a struggle to find one in some buildings.
    Laura Prigge
    7:28pm on 6 Nov 17 This would be an easy change which could have a big impact. Should definitely be done!
    Ilya Bowden-Welsh
    3:59pm on 7 Nov 17 Fantastic Idea, can't believe it hasn't be done sooner!
    Bethany Abbott
    4:37pm on 7 Nov 17 What would also be required would be a list as to where water fountains are placed around campus. I have been at university for over two years now, and I'm only aware of one in the library! The idea's great considering the change of straws and a good branding scheme would support it further.
    Daniel Rogers
    7:26pm on 7 Nov 17 Yes! Maybe the SU could start selling reusable PSU water bottles for a fiver with half the profits going to local cleanup charities?
    Chloe Baker-Attwood
    10:41am on 8 Nov 17 I agree
    Hannah Kirkup
    10:46am on 8 Nov 17 I agree great idea
    Oliver Naish
    4:57pm on 8 Nov 17 Great idea. The uni definitely needs more water fountains and refill stations.
    George Stephens
    8:56am on 10 Nov 17 Such an easy way to make a difference, the majority of people will carry water with them anyway.
    Christina Tang Wah
    11:51pm on 10 Nov 17 Great idea! it will help reduce waste and definitely needs more water fountains
    Hannah Stead
    10:45am on 13 Nov 17 Great plan, this would have a huge impact!
    Elsie Ray-Leary
    12:32pm on 17 Nov 17 Perfect idea and so easy to implement