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    More Water Machines/Bottle Filling Stations

      Across the campus there is only one location where I know that I can get fresh cold water to fill my bottle, the library. This is not including the jug of water provided by the Writing Cafe in Babbage and the small water container that sits on the SU bar. I think there need to be more water machines/fountains across the campus. This is especially important in the warmer months, when students (and staff) need to be drinking even more water to stay hydrated. I'm sure there are other water facilities available but they need to be in convenient locations, and those locations should be published so thirsty students know where they can get fresh and cold water to fill their bottles. Jamie and Katherine
    Alex Doyle
    1:33pm on 8 Feb 19 Thanks for submitting this idea Jamie & Katherine, Student Voice will be in touch as soon as you get enough votes for it to be progressed further. I thought I would reply myself as I am currently having a very similar conversation with the university. Currently campus has just under 10 drinking water sources throughout (Which is ridiculous for the size), and even those are not in obvious places nor always accessible. I am happy to link our conversations as 1) I agree we do not have enough fountains on campus and 2) the ones we do have need to have better signage. In the meantime, please influence your friends to vote and share this make a change idea, If you haven't already been in touch with our Environment & Sustainability Forum, it would be worth contacting them to help promote your idea further.
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