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Make a Change with UPSU enables any Plymouth University student to submit an idea at any time. View Current Ideas
Your proposal must:

a) Have at least 250 up-votes, and 75 more up-votes likes than down-votes within 4 weeks of posting in order to be progressed, where feasible. Otherwise it will be rejected.

b) The Student Voice Team will be responsible for communicating what course of action will be taken next to progress your idea.

Depending on your idea, we may;

  • Reject the idea
  • Request more information or more evidence of support
  • Approve the idea
  • Refer your idea to one of the democratic decision making meetings of the union - Student Forum, Union Council or Student Members Meeting

c) If the issue is considered a liberation Issue by either the Student Voice Team or the Sabbatical Officer Team, it will instead be passed to the appropriate Forum via the relevant Part-time Officer.

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