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Course Rep of the Year

Course Reps are elected to represent the views of students on their Programme. This is awarded to a Course Rep who has gone above and beyond to ensure that the student voice is truly heard and acted upon. This might have been through: 

  • Making time for students and being the clear link between student body, the Students' Union and the University at a Programme level

  • Actively encouraging constructive feedback and collating it in a timely manner

  • Proactively engaging with students and showing an enthusiasm to learn about their concerns and ideas

  • Using appropriate and tailored methods to frequently collect student feedback and disseminate any key information and outcomes to their Programme

2019 Winners

  • Eleanor Palmer - Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Benjamin Harding - Faculty of Business
  • Ross Colledge - Faculty of Health & Human Sciences
  • Rebecca Harding - Faculty of Science & Engineering
  • Jayde Moran - Partner Institutions
  • Rajeevlochan Ravi - Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry - Overall Winner
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