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Never OK

Recognising Inappropriate Behaviour

It's important to remember that there's no definitive list of what constitutes harassment; however, if you think you're being harassed, you're probably being harassed.

The categories listed to the left are intended to provide an overview of different types of harassment, this is by no means a definitive list and if you feel that you have experienced harassment which doesn’t fit within this list then please access support.


The following examples of inappropriate behaviour have been taken from the University of Plymouth’s Student Sexual Violence and Misconduct Policy:

  • Following another person without good reason, with no threatening or abusive behaviour
  • Making a single remark (in person/online/other means) of a sexual nature, without meaning to cause offence
  • Pattern of coercive or controlling behaviour including domestic abuse
  • Recording, sharing and/or distributing intimate images or recordings of another person without their consent
  • Arranging or participating in events which may be assumed to cause degradation and humiliation to those who have experienced sexual violence
  • One off acts of nudity involving inappropriate display of sexual organs to others, not focused upon any individual and not in contravention of the Safeguarding Policy
  • Frequent or repeated failure to comply with disciplinary recommendations, decisions, sanctions
  • A conviction of a criminal offence or a police caution in relation to behaviour that falls within the scope of the SVM Policy
  • Sexually touching someone without their consent
  • Kissing someone without their consent, with evidence of using force
  • Kissing another person on the hand or cheek without consent, where force or harassment was not evident
  • Sexual acts under pressure, e.g. when one person complies to “keep the peace” or avoid negative consequences
  • Attempting to engage or engaging in a sexual act without consent, including rape


Read the full Policy here