Icons - Terms

We have complied a list of terms that will be helpful in your understanding of the ICONS criteria.


Meet / Meeting

The Society/Sports clubs committee must have seen or liaised with a member of UPSU staff or exec officers over the cause of the academic year.


The Club or society must abide by it’s own Code of Conduct, the Memorandum and Articles of Association and it’s Bye Law’s in addition and all UPSU policies and procedures. 


The Society or Sports club will have done the following; communicate with UPSU throughout the year, hand in paperwork on time, attending meetings where appropriate, responding to email etc.

Development Plan

Every Society and Sports clubs must complete a plan for the next 12months outlining their objectives for the year ahead. This is what you aim to achieve while in post


This relates to hours of volunteering outside of your Committee/ Club/Society activities. It’s about what the Society/Club does in addition - it cannot include time spent fundraising. These hours need to be logged. Sports clubs should log their hours through the volunteering tool kit. Societies log their hours through the societies and activities department.

For volunteering hours to count towards ICONS the type of volunteering needs to be community based, therefore volunteering should be off campus and involve the local community and not students.

Raise / Charity

This is money that a Club or Society  raise for an individual or multiple charities that they support  (Hours spent fundraising do not count towards volunteering hours).


This will be a specific action or function that the Society or Sports club carries out.

Additional Training

This will be training provided by UPSU or an external organisation. This will be on top of the Chair, Captains, Treasurer and Health and Safety officer training.

External Funding

This money will relate to any sponsorship or external grant funding the Society or Club gains over the year. It must be evidential and paid into the Society/Club account.


Anything which happens within the University, Student Union or campus community. 


Anything which happens outside of campus within the local community, nationally or globally.

Up Skill

To have provided the opportunity for members to gain training or qualifications