Candidate Question Time - VP Wellbeing and Diversity

Do you have a question for the VP Wellbeing and Diversity candidates that you want answered? Event running - Thursday 4th March - Find out more information here

03 Mar 2021 18:00

  1. How it works:
  2. Any University of Plymouth student can submit a question relevant to each role.
  3. Questions should be specific to the role and not specific to an individual running for that role.
  4. Questions can be up voted and down voted if you see other questions that you feel would be important to address.
  5. The question window will be open until 24 hours before the session to give candidates time to prepare their answers.
  6. Candidates will answer the top questions in a live session hosted by UPSU.

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Role Information
Please be aware that any questions that are not relevant to the topic will not be answered. There may be questions that are not directly answered in the session but may be addressed at a later date.
Questions that may be considered offensive will be removed by the moderator (UPSU staff). We believe everyone should be free from intimidation or harassment. This includes protection from prejudice or discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, marital or maternity/paternity status, race, religious and other beliefs, sexual orientation, gender identity, trans status, socio-economic status, ideology or culture, nationality, political belief, spent criminal convictions, health, language, appearance or any other form of distinction. Everyone at UPSU is expected to seek to ensure that their electronically transmitted or published material does not contain language or images that may reasonably cause offence to others. Everyone at UPSU is asked to exercise good judgement and be aware of common, or inappropriate, or offensive references, particularly in relation to the characteristics listed in the section above.